I'm Matt Crouch

I'm a 22 year old web developer, currently looking for a junior/middleweight job in London.

Experience with Zend & PHP, HTML, JS and constantly learning.



Cinolla - Web project


An online activity centre booking system, used by multiple centres across the UK.

Designed to be the central point of information for centres, from taking a booking through to staffing the activities.

I worked on numerous parts of this project, both front and back end. From CRM to internal messaging systems.

Built using Zend Framework with Doctrine.

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Moto - Kinect project


A Kinect-powered musical experience, allowing people to play instruments and make music with friends.

This was my graduate project at Bournemouth University. People could join their friends and play various instruments, or play and record their own samples with body gestures.

This was my first Kinect project and one which provided challenging interaction design decisions.

Built using WPF and the Kinect SDK, with PHP for server-side antics.

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NHS Healthy Eating - Flash project

NHS Healthy Eating

A project with NHS Dorset to analyse and better improve the lunchtime choices of primary school children.

Children were asked to record their packed lunches or add what they would want from the canteen and printed out a placemat for the lunch hall showing what was healthy or not.

With a spy theme, kids really enjoyed reporting to the Central Office of Lunches (C.O.O.L) and reported a positive impact on eating habits from children and parents.

I created the inner workings of the project, with Jon providing graphics.

Built using Flash and PHP.