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HTML doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's at the core of every page, site and application on the web but it's often forgotten about.

Over the years, HTML has steadily improved to include elements for all sorts of things. Before you reach for that <div>, why not check out what's right under your nose?

In the latest Web Designer, we do exactly that. 25 HTML elements I'm sure you weren't aware of.


HTML5 had a tonne of great things going for it. New, semantic markup allowing developers to finally mark navigation, sections, headers and footers appropriately without having to use the ultimate last-resort - <div>.

But since then it's been a little quiet - or has it? HTML5.1 hasn't been with us long, but it brought with it some nice updates.

My personal favourite is <dialog>, an element to make exactly that - dialog boxes (or at least what I would call a modal window). These are often an accessibility nightmare, full of usability faux pas and keyboard navigation black holes. <dialog> takes all that away and developers can just focus (👀) on the content.

There's plenty more on top of that, as well as stuff that's not even new but just forgotten about that can help make your website be marked up as best as possible.

That's all in Web Designer 280. Go grab a copy!

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