Manage React application data with Redux

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State is hard - Redux makes it a little easier. The first in a five-part series introduces the concepts of Redux to a beginner audience.

React is crying out for a good solution to application-wide state management. While the newer context API provides a solution, but it might not be suitable to all projects.

In the latest Web Designer we go through the different concepts in Redux.

It's the first in a five-part series, which goes on to cover different topics such as immutability, form building and testing what we make.

Manage React application data with Redux

Redux is an intimidating beast. That's certainly how I felt when I first came to use it. There's so many different concepts and lots of boilerplate to put in the right place (where even is the right place?) that getting started seems very daunting at the start.

Thankfully, Redux itself is quite simple in itself - we just choose to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

This issue is a gentle introduction to a few key concepts within Redux - such as actions and reducers. We won't exactly be breaking new ground with this tutorial, but it's at least more than a todo list 😴

Over the series we will be making PhotoShare - an application where users can comment on photos by clicking on them. There's a bit of everything involved over the five parts, but this first one will just be using data from a JSON file.

That's all waiting in Web Designer 282 right now! Go pick up a copy!